Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Banksy in Bristol

Bristol is a very interesting city.  It has an odd mixture of old and new with a very street-wise edge to it.  It is a city that has a large urban art movement, and thus tons of amazing graffiti art.  One of, if not the most, famous graffiti artists, Banksy, is from Bristol.  So we thought we would do a Banksy graffiti treasure hunt, trying to locate and photograph as many original Banksy's in Bristol as we could.  It was so much fun being on the lookout from the car having the kids try and spot where the Banksy was.  It was a great bonding experience for us.
The masked gorilla was my favorite.  While we were taking the picture the owner of the building walked up to us and profusely apologized as he had the one that painted over it, not knowing it was a Banksy.  He had tried hard to restore it to the best of his abilities.

We looked high and low for this one.  It was much smaller than the others we saw and almost drove right by it.  The sign is actually close to the ground.

Take the Money and Run.  Joe and Joci painting to the Banksy tag.

The Mild Mild West is probably considered one of the most famous Banksy, and is supposedly the piece of art that put him on the map.

Not a Banksy, but we thought it was amazing.

Also not a Banksy, but we liked it.

This Banksy in Stokescroft was 'framed' and covered with clear plastic.

Another funny one, but not a Banksy.

Another very famous Banksy.  The funny part was that it happened to be on the side of a sex clinic.  But, I like what it's called, "Well Hung"!

So this one is interesting.  Originally it was 'The Sniper' a picture of a sniper with a little boy holding a paper bag that he had blown up and was about to smash behind the sniper.  Unfortunately it was across the street from the Children's hospital.  We're pretty sure this was where it was.  Now there's the Queen as Ziggy Stardust.  Apparently, it is said to also be a Banksy.

Banksy did an exhibit at the Bristol Museum.  This was one of the pieces.

Also in the Bristol Museum.

Joe pointing to 'The Reaper'.

Never confirmed to be a Banksy, but many believe it is.
Banksy Cat and Dog.  Joe had loads of fun photographing everything as well.

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