Thursday, October 18, 2012

We're back, in Cheddar?

I've been having a rough time of it lately.  Life, as usual, has been a bit crazy, which always lends itself to fewer and fewer blog posts.  Also, and more importantly, I've been dealing, or trying to deal, with my Dad being sick, and me being here, and him being there, and you get the point.  I definitely have not been in the mood for making blog posts and editing pictures.  That being said, since Dad is in the hospital tomorrow, and I want him to be able to have lots of things to do and look at while in the hospital, I thought I would try and put some more posts up on the old blog, something new he hasn't seen yet.  I'm sure it will also lift my Mom's spirits, who no matter how strong and stoic she is, is struggling right now with all that is going on.  And...I'm not there.

So, usually when we go on trips, I'm a bit 'in charge' of finding interesting things to do.  I look up things on the internet and in books, magazines, etc, and try to find something that we all will enjoy.  So, on this trip (to Bath and Bristol) I found Cheddar Gorge, which is in Cheddar, UK.  It's where the original cave-aged cheddar cheese was made!  So, you've probably figured out that they have...caves!  I thought it would be fun.  And it was, but it was also one of the biggest tourist traps we'd ever been to, who would've thought?  So, there were a ton of people.  We decided on a bus tour and a cave tour.  The bus tour was neat, all 10 minutes of it (after waiting in line for a good hour!!!) and the cave was even better, educational even.  But when we were done, it was a bit like, we've had enough it's time to GO!

The highlight of my bus tour?  This gorgeous beauty who sat beside me!
Cheddar was very pretty with lots of little nooks and crannies and surprises tucked in around each corner

My super handsome boy!

We bought some REAL cheddar in Cheddar!  This was the cute store that we bought it at.  We all had a favorite, I liked the garlic herb, Joe the cave aged, and Jon the bleu.  Joci liked them ALL!

Loved these little flowers and plants that grew in the cracks of the walls.

Cheddar Gorge was impressive.  It was much bigger than the pictures let on.

August 26th, 2012

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