Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Allotment

We are so excited and absolutely bursting with ideas for our new allotment.  Apparently it's a miracle that we even got one as the waiting list is usually very long.  It seems luck was on our side, however, and we were called last week to claim our new little plot.  It's about (using my big foot as a measurement) 37x22, and very overgrown although mostly with grass and neglected vegetables than with weeds, so that's good.

I went to our allotment today and cleared away a bit around our giant apple tree, hoping to perhaps get some bulbs in the ground soon there.  I also sat and had a few quiet moments just thinking about all the things I want to plant and to make it a bit of a comfy place for our family to visit often.  I sat there looking at the possibilities and thought about how much my Dad would love to be here with us, although probably in the summer, working on it all with us, proud of us for the progress we made.  I love you, Dad!  And, I thought of my Mom, we always call her the slave-driver.  She is definitely a great motivator to get a job done.  I love you, too, Mom!  Missing you both so much!
Our plot is there on the open gate and then stretches to the left of the apple tree.  Our shed is the one all the way on the right and desperately needs some repairs.  Unfortunately, the greenhouse is not ours.

October 22, 2012

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