Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shrunken Apple Heads

I remember making these when I was in elementary school! I think I'll try to make some and stick them in the ground outside in our winter flower bed after they've dried. I will try to remember to take a picture to post how they turned out. Thanks to Martha Stewart for bringing back such a fun memory.
However, I would recommend NOT coring the apple. They will stay on the stick better.
These shrunken heads, made from peeled, carved, and dried apples, are as spooky as the scariest Halloween masks -- and just as much fun to create. Martha transforms a Granny Smith apple into a truly frightening fruit; although any variety of apple will work, Granny Smiths are ideal for this project because of their round shape.
Tools and MaterialsFirm, unbruised apple, preferably Granny SmithKnifeMarker or pencil1 cup lemon juice1 tablespoon saltStick or branch
Shrunken Apple Head How-To1. Peel and core the apple.
2. Using a pencil or marker, draw facial features, including eyes, a nose, and a mouth, on the apple; be sure to draw the features large enough so they won't vanish when the apple shrinks.
3. Using the outlines as your guide, carve the apple to resemble a skull.
4. Combine lemon juice and salt in bowl. Soak the apple for 30 seconds. Pat dry.
5. Set the apple in a warm, dry spot; after several days, the apple will shrink, and the features will distort.
6. Insert a stick or branch into the bottom of the head and place it in a vase

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