Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We Almost Won

We had our first Flag Football game on Saturday and it was awesome. Ok, look, I admit that I really had some doubts about our team before the game. Watching them at practice, I didn't have much confidence that they would even be able to perform, at all, come the first game, but boy did they surprise me. Watching them play during a game, too, helps to show each player’s strengths and weakness and where and what we need to work on for the next game, etc. Let me just say right now, I think my son is absolutely awesome. He has a hard time focusing during practice, so again, I thought that game day would be a disaster, um, no. In fact, pretty much every time Joe touched the football he made a touchdown. Not only did he make FIVE touchdowns (it would have been six if he hadn’t gotten turned around and run to the opposing team’s end zone), but he had 5 touchdowns for 6 carries. Jon estimates that he ran about 275 yards during the game, and he even got someone else’s flags while playing defense. He almost had 3 more flags, running down and catching up to the other team’s runners, but he couldn’t seem to run that fast AND pull their flags. I am just astounded by how fast he can run, and it seems so are other people with all the comments we got after the game. Joe was definitely the MVP of the game. His teammates did a great job, too, and for many of them it was their first game, ever, so they really pulled it together. We would have won, too, if the other team hadn’t scored on the last play of the game. They beat us by one point. It was a lot of fun seeing the parents really pull together and route for each other’s kids. For those of you that know us, you know that we started Joe out in soccer---BORING! When Jon found a flag football league that offered 3-4 year olds, I was doubtful, but it is SO much more fun than soccer. I just wish more girls were interested in it as I love watching the kids come out of their shells and develop this astounding confidence in what they are doing, I think that would be such an asset for our girls today. There are several now, and I fully plan on getting Joci in on the action, too, but I think a lot of parents still feel that need to separate girls from football. Oh well, maybe that will be my goal, to get more girls to join.

Getting a good stretch and warm-up going, led by Josh's older brother, Zach.

A photo-op created by Coach Hooge for all the photo-hungry parents.

The first play of the game and Joe's first touchdown. Can you believe how badly he smoked them?

Here's Joe just after he pulled the other team's flags.

This is one of the few times someone almost caught him. Poor kid ended up face first on the field, he was tough, though, he didn't cry.

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