Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Flag Football Practice and Bleu Cheese Burgers

Well, Jon really pulled through and had an awesome practice yesterday, I am very proud of him. We were missing one player however, and not surprisingly, the one missing is the one we have had some behavioral (he likes to push and shove) issues with. I hope that they don’t remove him altogether as I believe one of the best things for a child is to belong to a team. It teaches them how to share and interact, and that not everything is all about them. Plus, they make friends in the process and you always have plenty of kids to come to a birthday party. Ü
Joci and I had fun too. At first we went over to the playground, where she effectively stood up for herself against a little bully that was trying to keep her from going on the equipment, all while his Mother watched him and said nothing…grrrrr. Then she just wanted to go and sit on the little basketball court and she let me take some great pictures of her. When we were walking back over to the practice, though, she saw her little friend Lexi (Lexi’s brother was on Joe’s team last year, he moved up to the next age bracket and his coach practices on the same field as we do), and so she was gone with Lexi for the rest of the practice. Back and forth, back and forth between Lexi’s Mom and I. I just love that she has her own separate little friend away from daycare and away from Joe, all to herself.
After that we went over to our friend’s (the coach of the other team) who is right across the street from practice and Jon grilled the bleu cheese burgers that we brought (if you get a chance, go to Sprouts, they are awesome!). They were absolutely huge and so delicious! By the time we left I was exhausted. I was ready for bed no long after the kids had been put down.

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