Monday, September 8, 2008

The F-Bomb!

Joe officially dropped the F-bomb on Friday (9/5/08). I figured it was a long time coming, after all, we all know that Jon is fairly generous with that word! Just the week before Joe used ‘my’ word – crap – and Jon kind of got on me about how Joe definitely got that from me, etc. So, anyway, we were cleaning under the couch, and those of you that have young kids can probably understand how mind boggling it is that so much, ahem, crap, can hide under the couch. Joe looked at something we found and clear as day says, “How did that ‘effing get down here!?”. Of course, we laughed, for a long, long time. But, then we were good responsible parents and had to explain how only adults could use that word, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, To defend myself. This is the first use of my words that Joe has used. He has used almost all of Jen's "adult" words.