Monday, September 8, 2008

Competition Always Gets The Best of Me

As posted on my 'other' inaccessable blog...

A couple of years ago I received the best advice I have ever gotten, and it has really stuck with me. My friend, Micheal, was listening to my troubles and heartache and all that I was going through and then gave me this gem that I often have to remind myself of…Nobody is perfect, and I shouldn’t be so hard on myself for not being perfect either. I have a huge issue with comparing myself to others and being envious of how well Everyone Else seems to have their lives together. Maybe somewhere there is someone that looks at me and my life and thinks the same, doubtful, but maybe. Anyway, as I have been looking more and more at all the blogs that are out there and all the fantastically creative people with so much amazing stuff to say, those feelings have been stirred up. I want to have a fantastic blog too. I want to have a blog that someone else thinks is amazing, full of pictures and creative writing and graphics and colors that wow my visitors. Why? Why do I feel the need to compete in this, too? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s fodder for a future counseling appointment, who knows. Either way, I am now making this solemn vow, I promise to make this blog about me and my experiences, whatever those may be. I will no longer compete for the best blog, but simply utilize it as a means of sharing with my friends and family, and maybe some strangers, too. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have created it.

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