Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Horrible Accident

There was a horrible accident on the construction site at my office building today. Looking out our windows we saw a man being tended to, CPR being administered to him, and then a helicopter came in to airlift him. There was a large truck on fire nearby and later we heard that he had been electrocuted while working on the truck.

So many things racing through my head…

He is somebody’s son, perhaps a father or husband, certainly a friend.

It was amazing to see everyone stop and hope and pray for his best outcome.

It was inspiring to see how quickly the emergency personnel reacted.

For him it was probably going to be a day like any other. He was just going to go to work and go home, etc, but he never made it that far.

It’s reminded a lot of us to be sure your loved ones all know how much you love them. You never know if that “I Love You” could be the last.

Of course, we are all hoping that he is ok and makes a speedy recovery. So sad.

Just found out that this poor man died of his injuries.

As part of a landscaping project, a boom truck was being used to lift large boulders. One worker was driving the boom and another was on the ground assisting at the site of the boulders. The gentleman on the ground was holding a chain attached to the boulder and the boom inadvertently swayed into overhead electrical wires. The current electrocuted the man. CPR was administered immediately on site and he was airlifted to a local trauma center. Unfortunately, the man did not survive his injuries.

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