Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Weight of the World

The weight of the world resting on my shoulders.
Yes this is how I have felt recently.

Well, minus the beard and the penis.

Why, you wonder?

You see, Jon had been laid off in May. We had both been trying hard to keep our spirits up and not let our anxiety about the future affect the kids. And, for me, I was actively trying to work the Secret into the search. We did end up telling the kids about the layoff, only so they could understand why there was such a big change in what we were doing. Of course, to them, it’s been disappointing as they haven’t gotten as much ‘stuff’ as usual. But, to us, aside from the stress, it has been a great lesson in what is really necessary in how we spend money. We have decided to continue to be thriftier in spending and more prudent in our savings.

Anyway, we are really lucky in that Jon had already been working toward a different job opportunity in a field that he has wanted to move to for awhile. We are also lucky that Jon has such long standing experience doing the line of work that he does. So, we are so fortunate that he was contacted today letting him know that he got the exact job that he wanted. Whew!

It’s been one month without his paycheck and like many, many people, we aren’t that far away from total disaster, so knowing a paycheck is coming at the end of the month, lets us breath a whole lot easier.

I do know that we are so, so fortunate that it’s ONLY been a month.

So, now I can breath, Jon can breathe, and things are looking good again.

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