Monday, June 15, 2009

Potty Training Trenches

Let it be known for all those that have not yet potty-trained…
Girls are NOT easier to potty-train than boys.

Joci seemed to get into the spirit of potty-training this last Friday. It was great timing as we were running low on diapers. She’s only had a few accidents so far, and is doing pretty well, except for that ever elusive #2! She seems to be holding that little gem back and letting it go only while she’s sleeping, wearing a pull-up.

In the meantime, I think potty-training is taking up so much of her life that everything else is suffering. Certainly her behavior is worse-for-wear. Every little thing seems to result in a huge meltdown. You have to be prepared, now, for a BIG tantrum if you are going to tell her “no”, to anything. Is it really so traumatic that it should shift her personality so much?

I admit, I was never so happy to go to work and leave her at Lynda’s house as I was today. Maybe Lynda can work her magic on her today and replace her bad ‘tude with a good one.

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