Thursday, June 4, 2009

Marley and Me


Our little family just loves this movie. All of us have laughed and cried while watching it. Joe and Jon, especially, seem very affected by the movie. We all love the antics that Marley gets into and can completely relate to the damage that Marley is able to inflict.

Personally, my favorite is when I can see the little things that Marley does that completely remind me of our dogs. Like knowing when one of us are sad and just being there for us. Or when they know that something is up when someone is ill or hurting.

Logan especially is very protective of the kids, even though he doesn’t really like to play with them much. If one of the kids is crying he gets very agitated. Or when the kids had a campout in the backyard, he had to sleep just outside the tent with them, he wouldn’t come inside.

Each morning Joe is in charge of letting the dogs out of the house. Logan (our white lab that looks a lot like Marley) likes to sleep in the bathroom on the tile because it is so cool. So a couple of days ago Joe comes into our bedroom almost crying because Logan won’t move just like Marley didn’t when he died. Poor little guy was so upset thinking Logan was very ill. No, Logan just wanted to sleep longer and knows that he can get away with not listening to Joe. He was fine, he just wasn’t ready to get up yet.

Our dogs can be so frustrating and can make me crazy getting in our way or being spazzy, but, they are so much more rewarding. They love us no matter what. They are always excited to see us and love to play with us all. All in all they are pretty well behaved, at least, that’s what many people have told us…ha ha ha. Just like the movie when Marley goes from being the world’s worst dog to the world’s best dog, that’s pretty much how I feel about our little pack. They drive me crazy, but I cannot imagine our lives without any of them.

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