Saturday, April 3, 2010

Is Your Toilet Seat Left Up?

Thankfully we don’t have this problem at our house.
Mostly because if the seat is left up, our dogs will drink out of the toilet and the thought of them taking a drink and dripping that water all over the house makes me cringe and I start seeing germies everywhere.

Somehow, THANKFULLY, the rest of my family agrees with me on this one issue.

But if we did have a toilet seat being left up problem, I have to say this is an adorable solution to it from Blue Cricket Design.
You can find the details here.
Here's what it says if you can't see it:
Don't forget to...
Say your prayers, Live,
Laugh & Love, Choose the
right, Say please & thank
you, remember who you are,
say I love you, look both
ways, and eat your vegetables!
Oh yeah....Flush the toilet and

1 comment:

Lacey said...

I LOVE this idea. Not so much putting the lid down, but I swear my children don't know how to flush!! I may have to try this!