Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Little Girl

How, can, this, be, possible?

I've noticed lately that little Miss Jocelyn seems to be going through a growth spurt. Of course, I noticed when last week and the weather was cooler, yes 80 is cool in Arizona, that Joci's jeans were definitely too short for her to wear for winter. Thank goodness our friend Hannah, at daycare, was growing too and gave us a new crop of jeans. I also noticed when Joci put on her princess dress and it wasn't dragging on the ground anymore, even though it is still way too big in the bodice. I've noticed that she can now reach the faucet better, and looks so long while sleeping in her bed.

So this morning while I was playing our usual game of me telling the kids how much they grew overnight, Joci ran over to our growth chart to show me. Typically, I wouldn't have gone with her, knowing that she couldn't have grown that much, but I was compelled to do so and found that she has grown an inch in four months.

How can that be possible? Should this be allowed? My baby growing way faster than I think should be allowed. It gives me a major case of "Help me, time is moving way to fast!" syndrome.

So I got my sharpie marker and marked her height, telling her at the time how much she really did grow, and I saw how proud she was, making so much progress.

I hate to even think what Joe's height would be if I were to check it today. I think I will wait a little while so I can get over the shock of Jocelyn growing to fast first.

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