Sunday, October 4, 2009

This Week

This week my goal is to take our lives back from the madness of being over-busy.

Between football practices and games, school projects and functions, doctor's appointements, and Jon's and mine work schedules, we have been spread so thin, like butter scraped over warm bread.

This week I vow to slow down a bit. I am not going to work as much as I have been pushing myself to do with my current work project going on. I am going to put the blackberry away for the evening, and get some things done with the kids and the house.

Tonight, while I did finish up some work, I also, get this, fixed the upstairs toilet! Yes, Me!!!!! You see the little handle thingy that pulls up the chain to flush the toilet broke. I took the kids to home depot and was told that Grandpa or Daddy should fix it. Nope, I did it! Yes, it was very simple and easy to do, but that is besides the point. I am woman, hear me flush!

And, in the spirit of taking care of myself and my family this week, I made my specialty for breakfast, yes, biscuits and gravy, my ultimate comfort food. I can my favorite breakfast in under 17 minutes. So you may wonder why I am so proud of making something so quickly, well, you see it's one of the only things that I CAN make fast. Jon and I always joke about how long it takes me to make meals. So, for me, 17 minutes is AWESOME, especially when it turns out some of the best B&G you've ever had.

Anyway, here's to my week ahead. A time to slow down a bit and take better care of my family. I hope you all have a wonderful week, too.

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