Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New TV!

Two great new shows that you should watch:
The first is Glee. Yes, I am a Gleek, and you should be too. I love this show. It has everything going for it, campy humor, musical numbers, drama, physical comedy, and 2 different love triangles. The characters are complex and delightfully flawed. The musical numbers are actually fun, and I can say this because typically, I’m not a fan of the musical. The cast and writers on Glee are really talented and it shows. Check out your local listings and give it a shot, it is definitely worth it.
Another great show that I love right now is Sherri. Yes, the Sherri from the View, her show is on Lifetime. Lots of witty and humorous one liners in this one. Sherri is definitely a chick show, though, I would NOT make a man sit through it, but it’s definitely worth setting the DVR to record. This is the kind of show that you have a bowl of ice cream with and can really relate to the lighthearted approach to real world issues. I hope you check this one out too.

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