Friday, October 30, 2009


Today was lots of fun. Joe got to wear his costume to school and had a big party in his class plus a Halloween parade. He was so not into posing for pictures this morning...I'm hoping I can get a lot more tomorrow of him.

Joci got to wear her costume to her little PeeWee Play Class. She was so into posing for fact, there for awhile I thought I had a mini Paris Hilton on my hands.

After Jon got home from work we went to buy some pumpkins and then did some carving. Jon always thinks I'm crazy for doing fancy carvings for the kids, but I love it. Joci picked out a Cinderella pumpkin stencil and Joe wanted to do his own design. I was a little nervous with him carving it himself, but I admit, he did a really awesome job. I was pleasantly surprised at his skills.Tomorrow will be a busy day. First we have flag football, then Schnepf Farms, and then it's on to Trick or Treating.

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