Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get a Massage!

Right now I feel like the luckiest lucky person on the planet. The company that I work for has an amazing employee wellness department that offers massages at a very discounted rate. Whenever a time becomes available, I try to make an appt. I just came back from having a chair massage and I feel so much better. I know that many people believe that a massage is a luxury that cannot be indulged. I am very aware that I am fortunate enough to be able to afford them at my will. My plea to you, though, is to try and have a massage sometimes soon. Call around and find a great masseuse that you can afford. Many people find luck visiting the massage colleges. If you’re like me your back and shoulders are a road map of your stress. A massage is the best way to push that stress right out of your body. When I am having a massage I try to imagine that the masseuse is literally pushing all that negative energy out of me, replacing it with a beautifully pink, healthy, healing light that my muscles with thrive on for days, maybe weeks.

If you haven’t had a massage for awhile, or, gasp, never, please take my word for it, it is absolutely worth every penny you could spend.

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