Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Joe!

Well, I am really, really behind on my blog. I have several entries to do, so check back often to catch em all.

First up is Joe's birthday. We had it on the 6th of December, a couple of weeks before his actual birthday. This helps spread out the time between the kids' birthday, Dad's birthday, and Christmas.

Since Joe is really into Pokemon right now, I made his invitations to look like a Pokemon card with him as the pokemon character. He invited his friends from daycare and also from football.
We ordered some pizza and served them on Pokemon plates. Afterwards, the kids piled into the jump house that Grandma and Grandpa bought the kids for their birthdays. Jon threw a bunch of balloons in and let the kids pop them using their was pretty funny watching the littlest ones trying so hard to pop them. Joci had the most fun in the bounce house...
Joe really enjoyed his cake, too, it was shaped like a Poke ball.
Of course the best part, for the kids, is opening the presents. Our friends and family were so generous, Joe really made out pretty well!

Later that night we built a fire in the fire pit. The kids really love to do that. Joe and Edie really hammed it up for the camera.
The the kids went inside and Uncle Chris played with them. It was so cute to see how well the kids took to him.

The Birthday Boy was very excited to get so much Pokemon stuff. Zubat, in Joe's left hand, is his favorite character.

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