Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Year's Eve

So, a lot of people reading this are going to think we are the worst parents on the planet, but I swear to you, we are not. Why, you ask? Well...we went to the dog track for New Year's Eve and took our kids with us. There, I said it. Now before you get all crazy on me, let me explain a little. The dog track that we took the kids to was having a party that night, and it's not like what you think a dog track would be like. It's not dirty at all, in fact, you have to have reservations for dinner there. There aren't a bunch of drunken a-holes running around, in fact, everyone is very nice and polite. So, while it does sound bad, it's not bad, I promise.

The kids had an amazing time, in fact, they probably had even more fun than we did. They handed out hats, noise makers, and necklaces, and of course our kids had more than their fair share as everyone gave them more and more. They really enjoyed cheering for 'our' dogs when it was time to race. They would get up on their chairs and jump up and down, screaming and waving their arms around.

On the way back to our hotel from the track we rode the hotel shuttle. During our ride the driver had to pick up several people from the airport including some flight attendants. As they got on the shuttle, Joe's charming side started to shine brighter than the fireworks. He offered the female attendants his extra party hats and proceeded to chat them up providing charming entertainment for the entire ride. I worry, desperately, for the women to come in his future, they won't stand a chance.

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