Monday, February 2, 2009

10 Confessions from My Weekend

1. My kids drove me crazy this weekend. I must have brushed up against something sticky (maybe it was the lip-gloss that I found smeared across the front of the entertainment console) because I couldn’t un-stick my kids from my hip. Joci was all over me, constantly wanting to sit on my lap or help make breakfast. I put Pokemon on the TV, suggested they play in their playroom, or play v-tech, or my-gosh ANYTHING, but no, they were stuck to me.
2. I took two naps in two days and really needed them. My Mom got Joci sick, and I think I’m fighting it off as my body just feels over-exhausted. Jon was a sweetheart and let me sleep both days.
3. I didn’t get any of the scrapbooking done that I wanted to, at all. There were a few times that I wanted to go in, but that was when we had company over, and I didn’t think that would be so gracious of me.
4. I let my kids eat Doritos for dinner last night during the game. Yes, everyone gasp all at once. Tonight I am going to make a good and healthy meal, but last night I dropped the ball.
5. I wish we didn’t have guests over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I was trying to please everyone but myself by having all these people over. I would have much rather had a weekend of cuddling, and lazing around watching movies.
6. I didn’t get all the Valentine’s Day stuff put up either. I got a little here and there done, and thanks to some of the other blogs I follow for their adorable ideas, but not everything I wanted to do.
7. I did not get the office cleaned and organized the way that I wanted to. It is half-way done, which means it is currently messier than it was before I started. Ugh. I am simply not a finisher or a closer, or whatever. I have these great, brilliant comets of ideas that burst into my head and get me going and then they streak away leaving a dim light of un-done-ness.
8. Jocelyn wore the same hairstyle for three days straight until I got her into the bath yesterday afternoon with me. Oh, and I did not put conditioner in my hair, I was too lazy to do it.
9. While I was out buying more corn chips and the Doritos that the kids ate for dinner, I was seriously contemplating leaving my errand behind and going shopping at Target for awhile.
10. I think all of the super bowl commercials sucked. Why, why, why would you pay millions of dollars to run the same boring old commercial you’ve been running already? Hey you marketing people out there that decide what commercials to run for the super bowl…you RUINED the best part of the show! Thank a lot!

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