Monday, February 16, 2009

Operation Nice Assignment for Today:

I, too, love being in my bed, especially in those moments where it is time to get up, but you don’t want to. You want to stay in your warm snuggly place that perfect spot where you are toasty warm, but not hot, with your blankets and pillows and pajamas in all the right spots. I love snuggling with my kids in their beds either at bedtime or right as they are waking up all sleepy eyed and full of nuggles and dry-lip kisses for me. I love going to my parent’s house. There I am a guest, with benefits. They love and play with the kids while I can just be me, there are no pressures, only love for me, no matter what. I love being in my office at home. It is my zone. It’s supposed to be both Jon’s and my office, but it’s not, it’s mine, I have taken over, I am in charge. I love that it is full of projects to do and creative things to plan or it can also be my place to watch the dvr. It doesn’t matter, as it’s my room. I love being at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. There I am transported back to being a little girl, sheltered and watched over and loved. I love roaming their property, exploring their large vegetable garden, dreaming about snapping turtles in their little creek, and watching the squirrels eat the cobs of corn my Uncle puts out for them. I love being in my favorite restaurant, Frashers. There I feel like I am their most important patron. We are friends, as we have been going to their restaurant from the beginning and even hold our yearly fundraiser there. They are just the coolest bunch of guys that run it and they, by far, serve the absolute best filet you will ever, ever eat in your lifetime. I love sitting outside while camping, by myself, listening to the wind rustle through the tall pines high above my head. I love Washington DC. I hate to admit that I really wish I had a second home there. It was my favorite vacation that we’ve taken; I loved getting lost within all the history and majesty of our capital. There are still many things that I want to see there and can’t wait to go back.

Do yourself a favor and make a list like I did above. It gives you this amazing perspective of all the things that you love about the places that you love. What it all boils down to, at least for me, is that they all are places that I am loved and accepted as I am.

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