Friday, February 6, 2009

My Baby Turns 3!

Wow. When did my little tiny baby girl turn into such a beautiful big girl. Joci's Cinderella Birthday party was so much fun. I was able to let out my inner girly-girl and enjoy Joci's princess impersonation. Jon and I bought her the gorgeous little Cinderella dress that fit her perfectly, and it was a surprise for her. Then I did her hair the best that I could to match 'Rellas'. I took a lot of pictures early on in fear that her hair wouldn't stay so neat, even with the half a can of hairspray that I put on it. When, in fact, it was her dress that she got rid of was too itchy. Isn't she just precious, though? I think Cinderella would be a little jealous of her competition.
A portrait of Jon and I, very proud we survived the last birthday party.
Hannah and her Mom were so sweet. They brought Joe some new Pokemon cards.

This is Jon catching Joci just as she fell of the chair...he has amazing reflexes.

Joci opening the cute little purse that Edie made for her. It was stuffed full of great stuff and she is still carrying it around, stuffed full.

Joe helped Joci blow out her candles, just as she did for him.

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