Friday, February 13, 2009

Thank God for Flex Spending!

Poor baby. Joci is going to have to have some dental work done. This injury (above) is resulting in some dental work. Jocelyn had been playing on some playground equipment, fell, and hit her mouth straight on. It was pretty bad and bled a lot, she had 4 little slits in her bottom lip where her teeth had gone in. Jon got her all cleaned up, and after that she wanted to go back to play. The next few days her lips and gums were swollen and bruised and one tooth seemed a bit loose, but not too bad. Then it got better, until the other day when Jon asked me if I had noticed that her front teeth seemed a little discolored. Lo and behold, she damaged the roots of her teeth, one a bit more than the other. We now have to watch for signs of infection until her appt on the 23rd when she has to 'go under' and have a mini-rootcanal. Poor kiddo. The good news is, though, that she is going to have beautiful white teeth again.

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