Monday, April 13, 2009

It Rained, We Got Soaked

It rained Saturday. No big deal, normally, but…

We had our flag football games that morning.
The plan was that Jon was going to go a bit early to coach the 3-4 year old team for their 8am game. Then, I was going to get the kids around and get there by 8:30 for Joe’s game @ 9am.

Joci slept with me that night and wakes me up to “Mommy, it’s RAINING outside”. Um, huh? Rain? So, I call Jon, he doesn’t answer, I leave a message questioning whether there would be a game or not. At this point I didn’t think there would be a game, but because I hadn’t heard from Jon, I decided to get around just in case. Hey, maybe it wasn’t raining at the field.

I get downstairs and find Jon’s phone on the coffee table, so that’s why he didn’t answer. I stash his phone in my purse and assume the reason he was still gone was that he got busy, as Jon often does, chatting with someone. They couldn’t possibly be playing in the rain.

I take the kids out to the jeep, and Joe is upset because he doesn’t want to touch the wet handle on the jeep’s door. Little does he know…

We are driving to the game and as we pull up to where we play, which is a large bowl in the ground behind a Walgreens I see all the cars at the fields and realize…OMG they are actually playing in the rain. Crap! I have no rain gear. I mean, who has rain gear in Arizona?
I decide to pull into the Walgreens on the corner by the fields. I run in and grab a couple of umbrellas.

I get to the fields and get the kids out, they are a cross between being freaked out about being or getting wet and happy about jumping in the puddles and using the umbrellas.
We finally get down to the fields and Jon has just finished up the 3-4 games, they lost.

I’m wondering how this is going to go over with Joe. Will he throw a fit and refuse to play in the rain? Should I make him play if he refuses? He ends up going out with his teammates and doesn’t complain once. In fact, it almost looked like he was having a great time. I was so proud of him.

Joci did a great job, too. She had a blast playing with the umbrellas.

Everything was going well, the kids were playing while it was sprinkling, not too bad.
Then, it starts to really rain, and they finally call the game. We did WIN the game...woohoo!

We get our stuff together quickly and head back up the hill, which now has a small river of water running down the hill. That’s when Joe flipped out a little. He was afraid that we were going to float away or die in a flood. Ok, so part of his flip-out is my fault. On the way over he had asked what a flood was and I proceeded to tell him about Katrina and Flash-Floods. Way to go Mom!
I told him it was ok, the water rushing over our feet wasn’t going to catch us in a flood. I wouldn’t let anything happen to him or Joci. He was ok, but I, of course, felt like the worst Mommy on the planet filling his head with horrific flood images.

Anyway, by the time we all get the car, we were soaked through. We decided that we would go over to Mom and Dad’s house to hang out and warm up for a little bit. It was a great decision. Mom and I got a couple of last minute Easter items, Jon did some work on our cars, and the kids got to hang out with their Grandpa.

All in all, while the situation was less than desirable, it did wonders for the cohesiveness of our team. We all kind of bonded through the shared experience.

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