Friday, April 24, 2009

Shop Locally!

We are all more than aware how precarious the economy is right now. More and more people are saving their money if they are fortunate enough to still be making it.

My tip for today is to start shopping locally. I shop more at the scrapbook store that is close to my house, rather than the large one in another city. I even try to make sure that I shop at the Walmart or Target in my city rather than one that may be in another city on the way home.

Another great way to do this is to shop at your local Farmer's Market. Tomorrow, I am going to be going to a local Farmer's Market that a friend at work told me about yesterday. It is at a local subdivision called Agritopia. Here is their blog. They even are starting a communal garden which I think is a really great way to encourage people to garden.

I hope you all think about this. In these times, it is important to support our neighbors as much as we can, and shopping locally is a great first step.

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