Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day

We were so excited that the kids actually slept in Christmas morning, it was almost 8 am before they came in to wake me up. We were up really late the night before finishing wrapping and all the other things that we had to get done for the next morning. Plus the anticipation of the day always makes it hard to sleep.

After we opened presents we got around and went over to my parents house for round two of Christmas day. Later Dad made an awesome dinner with Prime Rib, twice baked potatoes, and corn. He even made a homemade cheesecake for dessert.

The most popular gifts were the mp3 players we got the kids.
Joe got a lot of his favorite new toys: Bionicles

Yes, Joci loves playdough.
Joci actually talked Grandma into painting her nails green. I wonder if they will still be that color Monday morning.

Joe got a sparring outfit and his karate gi from Grandma. He had them on and off for two days straight.

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Donna Fischer said...

Yes, grandma DOES have the green nail polish on and am at work. Just waiting for someone to notice how "IN" I am!!!!! :):):)