Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Joesph's 6th Birthday is Today

Today is Joseph’s 6th Birthday.

Where did the years go?

Not only is it his Birthday today, but the Tooth Fairy visited him for the first time last night.

So, today is a big day for him.

Although, yesterday was pretty darn fun, too. While he was at school and playing with his tooth, it apparently just popped right out. His teacher sent him to the nurse and she gave him a little tooth box to put his tooth in. Grandpa picked him up from school and took him toy shopping for his birthday. He got to pick out several things including his new favorite…Bionicles. He stayed with Grandpa and Grandma for Dinner and then they brought him home so we could make cupcakes for his class and sitter’s house.

This morning he woke up in the best…mood…ever! He was so excited to see that the Tooth Fairy came and took his tooth! He got a gold $1 coin for his tooth, and a little bag for the next tooth that comes out. I got him showered and dressed and then he and Joci got to decorate 48 cupcakes with sprinkles…Joci figured out that the sprinkles were candy, and started eating the leftovers that fell on the table, too busy to decorate anymore.

We dropped off Joci and the cupcakes for the sitter first; she was so excited to be the cupcake chaperon. Then it was off to school.

I had to walk Joe in since not only did we bring cupcakes, but also 20 juice boxes for the Christmas party that they are having today, too. Right away Joe put his things away and went to sit down in his seat. His teacher was excited about the cupcakes and told me how well Joe was doing. Then, just as I was saying goodbye to Joe a last time, the teacher’s helper pulled me aside to talk to me. Literally, this sweet woman put her hand over her heart and proceeded to tell me how great Joe is, how respectful he is, and how everyday he makes a point to say goodbye to her. I almost cried. I love being told how amazing he is, it makes my heart all warm and gooey.

Tonight we are going to have his little family party. We are going to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner, at Joe’s request. There, we’ll let him open his presents and play and I will wonder out how he’s six, already, and what an awesome, awesome kid he is.

Later, when everyone is in bed, I will cry a little, thinking of this day, six years ago, holding my precious newborn boy at night all alone in the hospital. It’s amazing how fast he’s grown, where did the years go?

I’ll post some pictures later…

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