Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Joci's Family Birthday Party

What an interesting Birthday Joci had tonight.

She got to dress up in her sparkly blue party dress. Joci wanted to wear her hair down so I even straightened it for her. Then she asked if she could wear make-up, too, which would normally not be an issue for special occasions, except when I opened my make-up bag, I found that my mineral eyeshadow had pretty much exploded all over the inside of the bag. After I cleaned a few of the essentials off for her, and put on some lipgloss and mascara, it was time to go to meet Jon, Grandma, and Grandpa at the movie theater to see The Pricess and the Frog.

We had heard from lots of people that it was a great movie, so the kids and I were really looking forward to the movie. But...I didn't like the movie, at all. Wait, I did like the little lightening bug, Ray, and I liked the message that you can wish on a star, but you also have to work hard to get what you really want. Joci liked the parts of the movie that had, "the girl with the yellow hair" in it. Joe liked the parts of the movie that had the turtle and the alligator in it. We all thought the movie was too loud, and the shadows were pretty scary for the kids. When we were leaving the theater I told Jon that I felt like I had just been to a revival.

Jocelyn should feel very fortunate for one major thing, though...her Grandpa came and watched a movie just for her. My Dad hasn't been to a movie theater since Jurassic Park came out. Originally he didn't like them because you couldn't smoke in the theater, now he just has a hard time staying awake and engaged in the movie. He said this one was so loud, though, that he didn't have an issue staying awake. It didn't help that he and Mom were sick, with the crud we gave them no less.

After the movie we had Jocelyn open her presents in the lobby. She had such a fun time and said she felt special, which is the point. Tonight, as I was tucking her into bed, she told me Happy Birthday. She probably doesn't know how right she is. I always have felt that while the kids' birthdays are their special day, I quietly rejoice in them deep inside, remembering that I gave birth to them, both so special.

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