Friday, December 11, 2009


So what is so sad about Tiger Woods?

Is it that he has probably done irreversible harm to his marriage?
Is it that he has probably hurt his wife and children more than he could ever imagine?
Is it that he will probably lose many of his endorsements?
Is it that he is no longer an acceptable role model?
Is it that he will be the butt of many jokes and talk show hosts for a long time to come?
Is it that he will now have this permanent stain on his image?

It’s all of these and more.

A colleague of Tiger Woods’, Ben Crane, has spoken calling Tiger “a phony and a fake” and says “this is no surprise to anyone who knows Tiger”. In other words, he’s a conman, a liar, an amazing salesman. He has sold us all an image of perfection, and we bought it, gobbled it up like a yummy piece of candy, convinced that he could do no wrong. With his charm, his grace, his amazing abilities, we were all drawn to him like moths to a flame. That’s why this is such a big deal. The charade is broken and we all feel a little, taken, cheated. What we now see is a very flawed man. He appears to be the thief that is sorry he got caught, but not sorry he stole. He will never be able to build up that illusion again, no matter how much he lives in the denial that it is there. It will always be there, sullying his reputation.

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Jen Hooge said...

So, Tiger must have read my blog...
I'm glad to see a sorry, at least. Time will tell on all the rest.