Monday, December 21, 2009

I Want a Do-over!

I did not have the best weekend ever…this is where I will pause for you all to play your mini violins for me…thank you.

Saturday did not go well.

I woke up with a sore throat and nasty cough and knew that a cold was coming my way.

I had an infected hangnail and had to actually perform a small surgery to make it better.

It took a lot longer for me to bake my cookies for the cookie exchange than I thought. Then, the worst part of my day happened. While helping me with the cookies, Joe knocked the glass measuring cup off the counter onto the floor where it shattered. Then I yelled. It was such an automatic response, and I immediately regretted it. Joe started crying and ran over to the chair while I cleaned up the glass trying not to cry. Then I talked to him about what happened and sincerely apologized for yelling at him. He gave me a hug and said it was ok, he understood...what sweet boy.

Jocelyn and I had a major battle of wills all morning long. Most of it concerned how much cookie dough I would allow her to eat.

Both kids took a shower, only one of them washed themselves, can you guess which one?

It was the day we chose; don’t ask me why, to take the kids to see Santa.

My sandwich at Arby’s was awful.

Joci told us she had to pee after we were in the car and on the road and while trying to find her a potty, she had an accident.

After dropping the kids off at my parent’s house (Thank you, Mom and Dad!) we stopped at Walmart to pick up a last minute gift for Jon to give to a coworker who was leaving the country. This is when I was run-over inside a Walmart. I was standing near a man in one of those little scooter chairs and he backed up right into my ankle. Holy Moly you would not believe how much that hurt. Not only that, but it was the straw that finally broke this camel’s back. I excused myself to the restroom and cried, sobbed actually, in the stall all by myself. After I gained my composure I came out of the bathroom to Jon waiting for me patiently.

Then when we were checking out, we discovered that we left our wallets in the car, so I got stuck standing there with creepy Walmart guy until Jon came back with his wallet.

It was finally time to go back home. By this time I had totally missed a cookie exchange that I wanted to go to, but still had some time before we were to take our sitter’s out for dinner.

Admittedly, with the day going the way it was, I was a little concerned about the drive home, but we got there without a scratch, thank God.

I laid down for a good nap, that I really, really needed, and woke up with a better attitude.

Dinner with Lynda and Paul was delightful. We ate at a favorite restaurant, Uncle Sal’s, in Scottsdale and talked about everything.

Sunday was a little better, even though I woke up much sicker than on Saturday. Jon made me some brunch and I went back to bed for the day with lots of OTC meds in me. I woke up feeling a bit better to find the kids were home and excited about their finds at a garage sale.

Pretty much the rest of the day I just laid around until I decided to go get a pedicure, my regular place was closed, so then it was on to Target. I was ok until the fever came back so I had to leave.

Stopped at Walgreens to pick up my prescription and a few things to stock up and use up the rest of my FSA card, and found that Jon still had our FSA card in his wallet.

I went home, defeated and tired and fell asleep on the couch.

The highlight of my weekend though, was my family. My parents helped by taking the kids, Jon helped by getting me cold water and food, and the kids were super sweet to me, rubbing my back and telling everyone how much they hate it when Mommy is feeling sick. That’s quite the silver lining!

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Lacey said...

Sorry you had such a rough weekend. I hate days like that. Why is that everything always goes wrong at once? Can't the mishaps be spaced out a bit?