Monday, March 15, 2010

The Census - A Public Service Announcement...

I’ve heard a lot of grumbling about the Census recently, and this makes me very sad.

Have you ever researched your genealogy? People used to be happy to be counted, to be acknowledged by the census. Now, it seems like such a burden to fill out a form that literally takes less than 5 minutes.

If you do not want to take the time to fill out the census consider this:
1. Census information affects the number of seats our state occupies in the House of Representatives, and can be utilized to help redistrict our state seats.
2. Census data is used to decide how much money goes towards infrastructure, like hospitals, senior centers, emergency services (like 911), road construction, etc.
3. Census data is used to help determine funding for schools.
4. Any information CANNOT be used against you by any government agency. The info is used to provide statistics, only. Violating the confidentiality of this is a serious crime!
5. You do NOT have to be a US citizen to take part in the Census. It is not required, and you can not be ‘outed’ by participating.

The bottom line is if you are not counted, then you can easily affect the standard of living for all of us.

So, fill out the form and send it in!

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