Friday, March 12, 2010

Giving Feels Good!

My friend, Sandy, over at Reluctant Entertainer is such an inspiration to me. She often takes friends and neighbors goodies that she’s made and hosts lots of fun parties and dinners.

She reminds me a lot of my parents. They have always been into having folks over for dinner parties or just to share a simple dinner. There was never not enough food for a last minute guest, and although our house was not perfect, it was always good enough for people to come over.

I’m getting there with baby steps. My house is typically messy, although the hubby and I have been working more and more towards changing that…thanks, babe!

As they get older I want my kids to be able to bring their friends over for a game or dinner. Or, have some friends or neighbors over for a last minute get together. I want to do that, rather than do the frantic cleaning dance that inevitably happens whenever we have people over.

I’m getting there with baby steps.

Anyway, back to Sandy…

I was inspired by her when I found out that my boss (and friend!) was going to be having surgery. I thought I would make her some homemade split pea soup out of things that I already had and that way she and her family could have a quick but wholesome dinner to eat while she was resting. I froze it in a disposable ziplock container and put it in a gift bag with instructions and a ‘tube’ of Pilsbury French loaf. Now, I think this all the time when people are going through something, or are going to be out, but I have never done it until today. Why? I don’t know.

But, this time, this time I did it! And it feels so good!

I’m going to do it more and more! Thank you for the inspiration, Sandy!

In fact, our AMAZING babysitter provides food all the time for our kids, maybe she would appreciate a nice pan of chicken enchiladas…

Have you surprised a friend with a convenient meal lately?

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Sandy said...

Ahh, good job, girlfriend! Way to help out.

Love it, thanks for sharing with me!