Sunday, March 14, 2010


Joe takes Karate Friday nights at one of our local town facilities.He loves it.
I love what it does for him.
But, I don't really enjoy taking Jocelyn along to wait for his class. There isn't much for her to do, but there's tons of stuff for older kids to do. So you can imagine how frustrating it is for her to be there and not be able to do much. She doesn't want to color or play with toys.But, this last Karate class was awesome. As soon as Joe went into his class, Joci got restless. I dug through my purse looking for something for her to color on. But, I found my MP3 player instead and asked if she wanted to listen...BINGO!

She carried it all around the center.

Often she would go over to the raquetball courts and watch the teenagers playing there. At one point they came out and asked if she could play a little with them. It was one of those moments that really boosts your belief in human kindness. These four teenagers took time out of their night together to include a little girl who seemed very interested in what they were doing. I told them all, after Joci was done, that their Mothers would be so proud of them.
Next Friday, I will definitely be bringing Jocelyn's MP3 player for her. Maybe her friends will be there again. I think she really liked the boy in the white t-shirt. She told me he reminded her of one of our babysitter's sons, Mason. Too Cute!

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Lacey said...

What a little stud! I love the fact that those kids lets Joci play with them. Yes, there are still some good people amongst us!!