Monday, March 8, 2010

The Rainmaker

We have a little rainmaker.

This weekend we realized that we have another rainmaker in our family.

Typically, it’s been me that’s been the rainmaker. I have been known to bring the rain EVERY SINGLE TIME we have EVER gone camping, hiking, or up to the mountains. Don’t take me along…perfect sunshiny weather.

Now it’s Joe’s turn. Every weekend we have made plans to do some work outside in the yard, it has rained. Joe joked one day that it rained because he asked for it to rain so we wouldn’t have to do the work.

So, yesterday we were supposed to get our back yard all picked up and mowed and the garden started, etc. We told the kids we would go get some frozen yogurt after we were done to give them a little incentive to help more. Plus, hey, we like the frozen yogurt, too!

So when it started to rain, we gave Joe a pretty good ribbing for asking it to rain. He took it really well, I think he liked the extra attention, and joked once about how he had really wanted that yogurt, so he didn’t ask ‘THIS TIME’ for it to rain.

He’s so cute.

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